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About this Site


Here I start a blog site. But the articles I will post are not new ones. Let me explain how and why I made this site.

I first wrote them as the contents of my ezine (email magazine) named “Free Online Lecture" from April 29, 2000 to April 22, 2001. This ezine was translation from Japanese ezine. I also contributed them to, which paid 10 cents per page view. Owing to drop in ad price, Themestream closed its doors on April 13, 2001. Then I decided to suspend my publication of Free Online Lecture, though I continued to write Japanese original issues.

So, the date of each article is not that of blog re-publishing but that of ezine publishing. Most of comments are those made by Themestream visitors and the date of comments is not correct either. This is just an archive site but they are worth publishing, because the contents of this blog are philosophical and philosophical truth must be eternal.

Of course I know that the contents should be updated, even if they are philosophical, and I should translate the rest of my Japanese articles into English. English is by far the most important language in the world of science and philosophy. I hope I will publish the whole of my study on systems in English in the future.