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Website Statistics in 2012


This is the third New Year for this blog. Unlike in 2011 I was able to spend more time creating contents rather than tweaking my websites last year. Somewhat belatedly I started to utilize social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+ last year. I must follow the trend from email newsletters to social media, from desktop computers to mobiles not to be behind the times.

1 : The statistics of the visits to my websites in 2012

The figure below shows the visits to my websites (Systemics Archive, Blog, Forum and System) per week in 2012. As visits decreases over the weekend, the number of visits per week is convenient to see its trend.The 4 websites received 18,862 visits per week on average.

Visits per week in 2012

The vertical axis is visits per week and the horizontal axis is the week number of 2012.

The visits to Systemics Archive account for 96.7%. Systemics Archive received annual 1,311,858 PV (page views), while Systemics Forum received 74,325 PV, Systemics Wiki 23,121 PV and Systemics Blog 21,676 PV. Systemics Archive accounts for 91.7%. The regression line indicates the decreasing trend of visits. One of its reasons would be a deficiency in the data. I forgot to insert the tracking code when I installed a plugin (WPtouch) in January last year and the statistics had ignored the visits of smart phone users until today when I noticed the deficiency and fixed it. I would be able to show statistics with the visits of smart phone users next year and I will recognize whether visits are really decreasing or not.

2 : Systemics websites in 2013

In Retrospect of 2011 and prospect of 2012 I wrote,

The main theme in 2012 is the same as that in 2011 – philosophical study in history of science. I will especially bring the concept of entropy into focus, which is very important to systemics.

Owing to delay of my study I must sadly set the same goal as last year, but I believed my study last year produced results of a sort.

As for websites, I started notification service by means of social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, FeedBurner. I have hitherto depended on email newsletters in Japanese for notification, but this way is now out of fashion. I will notify new posts both in English and Japanese through these new media.

I know what I must make efforts the most is to update contents more frequently. The average update frequency of these two years was one post per two months. It is so low that this website might not deserve the name of blog. Though I am busy over chores, I would like to update this blog more frequently than the past without debasing the quality of posts.