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Jan 012014

Happy New Year. I am in the habit of writing retrospect of the last year and prospect of this year on the first day of a new year. The most impressive thing in 2013 was the spread of social media networks. As I am not sociable, I had shunned them while MySpace and later Facebook […]

Jan 012013
Website Statistics in 2012

This is the third New Year for this blog. Unlike in 2011 I was able to spend more time creating contents rather than tweaking my websites last year. Somewhat belatedly I started to utilize social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+ last year. I must follow the trend from email newsletters to social media, […]

Jan 012012

2011 was the year I spent more time improving the infrastructure for new websites than writing articles. I am still setting up content management systems and their server now on January 1, 2012, so it will take some more time to complete it. Still I do not regard it as waste of time, because systemics […]

Jan 012011
About New Websites

After pondering what is the best way to publish my study, I decided to quit continuing the old blog and start new websites. Here I explain why I start new five websites (Systemics Archive, Systemics Blog, Systemics Forum, Systemics System, Systemics Wiki) and what the role of each site is. 1. The Purpose of Reorganization […]

Jan 282006
My Visit to CNMI

I attended the inauguration of Governor Benigno Repeki Fitial and Lieutenant Governor Timothy Pangelinan Villagomez of the CNMI on January 9, 2006. This page is a report during my stay at the CNMI and a proposal for recovering the CNMI’s economy.

Apr 222000

Here I start a blog site. But the articles I will post are not new ones. Let me explain how and why I made this site. I first wrote them as the contents of my ezine (email magazine) named “Free Online Lecture” from April 29, 2000 to April 22, 2001. This ezine was translation from […]