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Articles on linguistics, semiotics, rhetoric and bibliography


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You can imagine a culture as a correlate to self-sufficient economy where everyone could collect information and create works solely by himself without any communication with the others. Actually, however, we exchange commodities through money and views through language.


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What is definition? This is a question hard to answer. This requires the definition of definitions. You must know what a definition is before defining definitions. To get out of this circulation, let's first follow the traditional definition and then examine the validity of it.


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Existence and essence is a theme of existentialism, but here I will examine the relation between them from the viewpoint of linguistic philosophy.


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The usage of the pronoun I is not innate but acquired. At first, Infants use their proper names to refer to themselves. It is so difficult to master the usage of I that it takes a long time for infants to know how to use the first-person pronoun. When, how and why did we get to use the first-person pronoun?


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We come across two sorts of incompleteness if you regard language as means to represent the world faithfully and communicate it to others. This incompleteness is, however, necessary for us.