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About This Site

2011-01-01 is an academic blog site for systemics that ventures beyond the boundary of scientific disciplines. I welcome those who are not satisfied with the traditional explanation and need intellectual stimuli.

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About the Author of this Site

Photo taken in front of my house in April 2010

Hi. I am Toshiya Nagai (永井俊哉 – Nagai, Toshiya in Japanese order), administrator of this site and author of this blog.

I was born in Kyoto, Japan in 1965 and now live in Kasugai, the suburb of Nagoya, Japan.


I intended to be a professor of philosophy and became a student/postgraduate of three Japanese Universities, but left them and decided to be a free philosopher on the Internet for this reason.

My chief concern is systemics and I created this website to publish my study in systems.

Posted by Nagai, Toshiya