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Integration into a new website


I have decided to integrate the contents placed in four websites into a new domain from August 1, 2015 on. The URLs of Systemics Blog and Systemics Archive are automatically redirected respectively to those of the new website, Nagai Toshiya Dotcom, while those of Systemics Wiki and Systemics Forum are redirected to its portal page.

The homepage of my new website.

I used to have MovableType manage my contents in a single domain,, but introduced three other content management systems (WordPress, MediaWiki, phpBB) to other three domains on January 1, 2011, partly because I was not sure of the continuing use of MovableType. Therefore I decided to add new contents to these three websites, while I left old contents as HTML files without updating MovableType.

Four year experience tells me that WordPress is the easiest to maintain of the four systems. WordPress has far more users than MediaWiki and phpBB, which makes troubleshooting easier. So, I decided to have WordPress manage all contents to minimize the maintenance cost. It would be also preferable for readers to take a look at the entire index at a page.

I preferred MediaWiki to WordPress, because the former is suited to compile a systematic theory, while the latter produces fragmentary blog articles in chronological order. Now that the publication of eBooks takes the place of the wiki site, I have made my wiki site private, using it merely as a HTML editor rather than CMS. The forum site has also become unnecessary, because you can make comments on almost all contents.

The URL of the new website is The URL scheme, https, means HTTP connections secured using SSL/TLS. You can safely register your email address and send emails from a contact form. The domain without the 'www’ prefix is convenient to display the whole URL in a narrow address bar of the mobile browser. I hope you like the new website.

Postscript (Aug 31, 2015 )

As for Systemnics Forum, you can download zipped file of its backup. After downloading it, unzip it, open “" folder and click index.html.

The names of the following social media have changed as well.


Posted by Nagai, Toshiya