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Entropy and Sustainability


The modern civilization that originated from the Industrial Revolution is now spreading throughout the world. The demand for natural resources is rapidly increasing and the environmental problems are getting globally more and more serious. Our civilization seems hardly sustainable. What should we do to make it sustainable? This series establishes the fundamental theory of civilization, analyzes the problems of resources and the environment in terms of entropy, and suggests a solution to them.

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1. Table of Contents

This series was first written in 2007 to summarize my theory of systems and offer a solution to the problems of natural resources and the environment. For some reason, I could not publish the draft in 2007, but in 2018 I decided to publish it with some parts that hindered the publication. Read the following articles, if you are interested in this topic.

2. Postscript (2021)

I revised this series so that each page can be read as an independent article in 2021, but I gave up updating its content. Maybe I will update the contents by posting new articles. I left them as written in 2007 as much as possible for the sake of reference. I hope these still remain useful.