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Reports and announcements of my activity.


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The modern civilization that originated from the Industrial Revolution is now spreading throughout the world. The demand for natural resources is rapidly increasing and the environmental problems are getting globally more and more serious. Our civilization seems hardly sustainable. What should we do to make it sustainable? This series establishes the fundamental theory of civilization, analyzes the problems of resources and the environment in terms of entropy, and suggests a solution to them.


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I have decided to integrate the contents placed in four websites into a new domain from August 1, 2015 on. The URLs of Systemics Blog and Systemics Archive are automatically redirected respectively to those of the new website,, while those of Systemics Wiki and Systemics Forum are redirected to its portal page.


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I intended to be a professor of philosophy and became a student/postgraduate of three Japanese Universities. At first, I wondered why there were so many incompetent professors. It was not until I went on to the postgraduate course, where professors educated their successors, that I saw why the faculties which I belonged to did not function as education and research systems.


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After pondering what is the best way to publish my study, I decided to quit continuing the old blog and start new websites. Here I explain why I started five new websites (Systemics Archive, Systemics Blog, Systemics Forum, Systemics System, Systemics Wiki) and what the role of each site is.


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I attended the inauguration of Governor Benigno Repeki Fitial and Lieutenant Governor Timothy Pangelinan Villagomez of the CNMI on January 9, 2006. This page is a report during my stay at the CNMI and a proposal for recovering the CNMI’s economy.


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Here I start a blog site. This is an English website translated from the Japanese original site. The first 50 articles I am going to post are not new ones but the republished ones. Let me explain how and why I made this site.